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Legal / Copyright Information

1. The sales of components are only strictly legal to off-road applications. Usage of sales components on public roads must abide to the local/federal laws and regulations. Laws/Regulations violations are subjects to fines or penalties. In Singapore, all components applications must undergo the compliance of Land Transport Authority (LTA) regulations. Vehicle owner/user will be the sole responsible party for such violations consequences.

2. ST Powered will only recognize the promotional contents that are published on this website. We will not be responsible for any promotional commitments outside this website.

3. Usage of site contents and tampered of watermarked photographs are strongly prohibited. We reserve the rights for any change in legal/copyright information without notice. Site contents are protected by Copyright © 2000-2015 ST Powered Pte Ltd.

4. By visiting or purchasing from ST, you agree to abide by our terms and conditions. Any revisions to our Legal Policy will be posted on this page and any other page we deem necessary to inform our users of any changes made. We reserve the right to modify our Legal Policy at any time. Your continued use of the Site following any policy revisions constitutes your acceptance of and agreement with the changes made.

Special Request Order

1. All special request order should be sent via email to

2. Prepaid payment is compulsory to process Special Request Order.

3. Cancellation of orders after payment is not entitled to any refund.

4. Components via Special Request Order are not returnable or exchangeable.

5. Component compatibility issues will not be entitled to return/refund/exchange.

6. Consumers may request for a full refund if order is being consecutively delayed by shipment/delivery or other issues. This will be subjected to negotiation with ST Powered.


1. All payment transactions will be strictly processed through PayPal, MasterCard or Visa only. Cash on delivery is not accepted.

2. ST Powered will not question the origin of payment and thus, consumer will ensure that the payment transactions proceeded without any illegal involvement (etc. Using others’ account without acknowledgement). Any such illegal involvement will be solely bear by the consumer.


1. All currency can be selected for preferences, but final payment will only be processed vis Singapore Dollars(SGD).

2. All prices listed do not include shipping, handling and tax charges.

3. Installation charges are not indicated and can only be determined upon walk-in visits at ST Powered. Installation is only available in Singapore.

4. ST Powered reserved the rights to adjust the prices at any time as to accommodate with the moving market rates.

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