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With the professional diagnostic acumen in Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Tuning, it will boost fuel efficiency, increase higher horsepower and torque. This allows car engine to reach its most optimum performances.

Below is the range of Engine Management Systems (EMS) that we carry and tune:

 •    A'PEXi Power FC
 •    S-AFC/ V-AFC/ AFC-Neo
 •    GReddy E-Manage/ E-Manage Ultimate/ V-Manage
 •    HKS F-CON V Pro/ F-CON iS
 •    COBB
 •    EcuTek
 •    DimSPORT
 •    MoTec

This service will be specially carried out by our remarkable in-house tuner, Mr Jun Furukawa, who has accumulated over 20 years of experience in the tuning industry and assisted uncountable race cars to reach their best optimal level. 

The service duration varies from 4 hours to a day depending on the vehicle and customers’ requirement. Thus, appointment booking is compulsory if you are interested.

Our Professions

 •    Performance Upgrades
 •    General Car Servicing
 •    Engine Diagnostic & Management
 •    Alignment
 •    Inspection
 •    Repairs

For service rates, Kindly drop us email to or call us at +65 6282 0330.

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